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According to the Fengshui knowledge, there are Five Elements ((五行; Wuxing) that represents life itself: Water (水; Shui), Wood (木; Mu), Fire (火; Huo), Earth (土; Tu), and Metal (金; Jin).

The Chinese believed that every single object in this universe contained one of these 5 elements.

These elements of life are meant to represent the five ways of manifesting Qi energy (气). A person’s year of birth will determine an element that will be important to him/her. As an example, if we are born in 1989 with the snake zodiac, it means that we have the element of earth.

Actually, each person does have the 5 elements of life. However, there will be one element that is going to stand out than the rest. That’s the reason why astrologist are able to balance out and interpret the difference of element composition each of us, had based on the our own horoscope.

The five elements are intertwined to each other. The relationship can further be represented by the illustration below :

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A Deep Dive into the Five Elements of Feng Shui

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Here’s an example: a burning element of wood will produce fire. After the fire is extinguished, the earth element will appear as that result. This very own element can create different kinds of metal (i.e.: gold, steel, etc.). When the metal melts, it will represent water instead.

Ultimately, the water element will be responsible for the birth of various plants that will produce wood. This turn of events creates a cycle of energy.

It is important to note that the five elements of Feng Shui are often used as a base for experts to determine certain business or job that will befit someone.

A. The Five Elements Represent 5 Important Body Organs Inside the Human Anatomy

• Fire represents the heart, bone, tongue, and the small intestine.
• Water represents kidney, blood, ear, and the bladder.
• Wood represents the liver, vein, eyes, and bile.
• Metal represents the lung, skin, nose, and large intestine.
• Earth represents spleen, meat, mouth, and stomach.

When the elements go awry, the body will get sick …

B. In colors, the Five Elements Represent :

• Water represents black color.
• Wood represents green.
• Fire represents red.
• Metal represents white.
• Earth represents yellow.

In Chinese culture, Yellow symbolizes command (center position), leader of the other colors.

C. In wind direction, the five elements represent :

• Water represents north.
• Wood represents east.
• Fire represents south.
• Metal represents west.
• Earth represents center.

D. If the five elements are represented towards the four seasons, then :

• Wood represents spring.
• Fire represents summer.
• Metal represents fall.
• Water represents winter.
• Earth represents summer and fall.

Produce, weakens, and destroys. The cycle shows that these elements can either strengthen, weaken, or even destroy each other.

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Relationships of the Five Elements; It’s all connected!

The Chinese believed that the five basic elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are “shaping materials” for every single object in this universe.

As an important part of the Eastern philosophy, these 5 elements were split into 2 kinds of reciprocal relationship: “conducive” and “controlling”.

1. The “conducive” relationship means that these 5 elements are producing and giving life towards each other.

♦ We obtain fire from wood, because fire is created from burning wood.
♦ We obtain earth from fire, as fire can burn down anything to ash (or earth, for this context).
♦ We obtain water from metal, as the metal will turn to liquid when it gets melted by fire.

♦ From water comes wood, as water gives life to plants, who then produce woods.
♦ Lastly, earth also contains metal.

2. The “controlling” relationship means that these 5 elements can control and destroy other elements.

♦ Wood controls the earth, as trees obtain food from it.
♦ Earth controls the water, as the earth absorbs them. The earth could contain water flow with man made dam or other natural causes.

♦ Water controls fire, as it is used to put out extinguish them.
♦ Fire controls metal as the heat can melt them.
♦ Metal controls wood, seeing as trees are cut down by axes made out of metal.

Chinese also use the A+1 system when someone reaches the age of 60. When they die at the age of 60, they will be considered as 61 years old. This system is used because they are considered to have passed the 60 years cycle (12 zodiacs x 5 elements)

Because of this philosophy, there are no elements to be considered as the strongest or the weakest. Every element controls another element, and they are even created by another one. These five elements depend on each other. Thus, all of them are considered to be equal.

In Chinese astrology, The cycle of elements will finish its full cycle every 10 years (an element has two straight years), and every zodiac (12 sign) will be combined with the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Your element’s zodiac will have an impact on your life! The combination between zodiac and the element will result in a rotation or cycle that spans up to 60 years.

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