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The year of the Water Tiger will start on February 1, 2022. The Chinese Horoscope 2022 predictions cover the various areas of life, such as career, wealth, love, and health. Is your zodiac lucky this year? This is a continuation from article Chinese Zodiac 2022; Forecast in the Year of the Tiger.

You better read the first part, so you will get better understanding 🙂

Celebration of Chinese New Year in 2022 is so close! Lunar New Year 2573 will fall on Tuesday, February 1, 2022; which is marked by the change of the year of the Metal Ox, to the year of the Water Tiger. Every 2 years there is always a change of elements, and for the next year, there is a change from the Metal element to the Water element.

The change to the year (sign) of the tiger itself will start from February 1, 2022, and will last until January 21, 2023.


1 .This article contains fortune-telling references. Some of the words/sentences used in the articles below are interpretations, which sometimes have to be interpreted by the reader themselves, according to their lives and experiences.

Reminder for you who was born in the month of January or February, please make sure of your Chinese Zodiac in the link below 💡

Check your Chinese Zodiac here : List of Chinese Zodiac, Elements and Their Characteristics

6. The Snake Zodiac Predictions for 2022 (Ciong)

Fate would play an important role in the journey of Snake 2022. Just like tigers, snakes also will “Ciong” in this year, in which their life will be filled with failure, misfortune, and strange activities.

Rather than lament the fate, you will get better by making yourself busy, with doing hobbies (such as culinary or gardening), who knows it can produce and become a kickstart of your business. Avoid to take risky decisions/actions to avoid a financial loss.

Even if you are not being lucky this year, you have to remain focused on the job. Be diplomatic in dealing with co-worker/partners. Avoid quarrel, or it will make the situation worse!

In matters of romance, there is an opportunity for singles to establish romantic relationships, but it would not go far. For those who are already married, there will be a little turbulence.

Your health would also not be so good. Be careful of severe insomnia and high blood pressure diseases. Reduce stress levels by doing meditation or yoga.

Keep thinking positively, and go forward in life, both the work and romance; because disappointment is a part that can not be separated from the path of life. At one point, once you are already mature, you have to learn to let go, rather than continue to try …

Birth year of Snake Zodiac : metal snake 1941, water snake 1953, wood snake 1965, fire snake 1977, earth snake 1989, metal snake 2001, water snake 2013.

7. Horse Zodiac predictions for 2022

Horse in 2022 is predicted to face a bit of turbulence and chaos. Because of it, your life pace will tend to slow down.

In Q1 of 2022, there will be a room for conflict, some hurdles, and setbacks. Stay on your plans. But towards the middle of the year, the situation will slowly turn for the better.

At mid year, career and business will rise and start making profits. Try investing some money in low-risk stocks. This year is quite promising for investment, but don’t play with speculative projects.

Infidelity will destroy the harmony in married life! You must be careful in maintaining a relationship that has been built with the efforts.
Health will tend to be good, with a few small problems only.

Birth year of Horse Zodiac : water horse 1942, wood horse 1954, fire horse 1966, earth horse 1978, metal horse 1990, water horse 2002, wood horse 2014.

8. Goat Horoscope 2022

In 2022, Goat career is predicted to get “wind”, after a year suffered by Ciong.

Your finance position would be very good in half of 2022. The office workers can get extra money, but don’t forget to pay attention to dirty “office political” things.

Having a good relationship with all the people will help in your career. Working hard will bring recognition and satisfaction to your financial situation.

The single can take the opportunity to establish a new relationship, and may end in a wedding. Meanwhile, for those who are married, it seems that they will encounter some problems in their family, such as quarrels due to the presence of a 3rd person.

Do not be stubborn! Avoid arguments with a spouse, or it’s just going to make the situation worse. There are no health problems that are significant. Taking a walk outside the country can refresh your mind, but pay attention to the limitation due to the pandemic.

Birth year of Goat Zodiac : water goat 1943, wood goat 1955, fire goat 1967, earth goat 1979, metal goat 1991, water goat 2003, wood goat 2015.

9. Forecasts Zodiac Monkey 2022 (Ciong)

Monkey will experience Ciong in the year 2022. It seems like this is not going to be a good year to them.

You have to watch out for other people. Do not take any risk before you think it carefully, especially in investing.

Your finance will make a downtrend chart, so you have to set your expenditures on the way. If you are going to build a new business, read the provisions of the agreement as a whole.

Personally, in this year monkeys tend to be emotional. This will affect their love relationship. Be patient to save your marriage life, and you may often fight with your partner over little things.

Mental health won’t be that great either. Watch out for depression and stress. Be open minded in facing life.

Birth year of Monkey : wood monkey 1944, fire monkey 1956, earth monkey 1968, metal monkey 1980, water monkey 1992, wood monkey 2004, fire monkey 2016.

10. Rooster Zodiac Predictions for 2022

2022 is predicted to be very beneficial for the rooster. The businessman would experience a beyond ordinary experience.

This year is also suitable to start a business/new units, or for those who want to change jobs. Your ambitions will be met if you are able to keep the opponent calm.

On the other hand, your luck may still slightly fluctuate, because the cash flow would not be stabilized in the second half of this year. You can solve this problem with wisdom and flexibility.

For the singles, you have an opportunity to look for a couple. So, maximize it with your charm and flirt! For rooster  men, seduce them with flirty quotes 🙂

For those who have already married, the household situation also tends to be flat and calm. However, this situation can lead to boredom.
Be careful of some health problems, such as interference joints and internal organ diseases like heart, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Birth year of Rooster Zodiac : wood rooster 1945, fire rooster 1957, earth rooster 1969, metal rooster 1981, water rooster 1993, wood rooster 2005, fire rooster 2017.

“In its way, Chinese Zodiac has led Chinese people and their descendants for thousands of years, and the influence is very impactful in life.”

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C. How is the Chinese Astrology Predicted?

Not as western style horoscope prediction which is monthly (marked with the symbol astrology), Chinese astrology has yearly prediction, where every year is marked with Sign (生肖; Shengxiao ).

Every year, there are always 4 Chinese zodiac signs affected by Ciong (冲). Is your zodiac one of them? If so, then we need to be careful in 2022.

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This made each year has its own characteristics, and will affect the other 11 zodiacs.

The Chinese Astrology calculation system is based on the 12 year cycle of the sun and moon, which corresponds to the ancient Chinese agricultural calendar or Nong Li 农历; is also a sign of 12 animals that represent each year.

Ancient Master of Chinese Astronomy has been realized, that out of 5 stars (planets) are great, especially Mu Xing 木星 (wood star, Jupiter), the orbit circulation for 12 years, exactly 11.88 years (the count of the earth) in a complete track.

If you are counting from a point in the sky, Mu Xing will be circulated in accordance with its orbit, and get back to that point in 12 years of Earth. That means if Mu Xing moves with a distance of 1/12 of its orbit, then the time on earth has passed for 1 year.

Since then, ancient people have called Mu Xing as Sue Xing (Star of age, Sue = age). Mu Xing spins in full circle, which means 12 years, and these 12 years is what is used to determine the standard year and age which are described in 12 terms of time.

In short, those terms are then represented in animals (Chinese zodiac, sign), which is just an illusionary standard, to simply facilitate a calculation (or remember) in a practice of religious ritual.

The cycle is also divided into 5 elements, namely : Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth; so every 60 years is considered as the one cycle (the combination of zodiac and elements). This system is also influenced by the Yin (female, negative) and Yang (male, positive) cosmos, which are the interpretation of the harmony and balance of the universe.

Shio calculation also influenced by Bazi 八字, which is a science that uses the calculation time of birth of a person, namely : Year, Month, Day and Hour; 2 numbers are taken each.

This bazi calculation is also used to reveal a person’s character or personality, which is associated with love, business, finance and health, as well as compatibility with other zodiac signs.

生死有命 (Shengsi you ming ) … The destiny of a person’s life and death has been outlined by God’s will.

At last but not least, the zodiac prediction itself is hard to be apart from Baoying 报应 or someone’s karma, Mingyun 命运 or someone’s destiny, and Yuenfen 缘分 or fate (a destined coincidence/conditioned by the past). Acknowledging these, will make a person be responsible for every action ❗

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