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Some Chinese readers are already waiting for the fortunes of their Chinese Zodiac 2022 to be in the future. The Chinese New Year 2022 will fall on Tuesday, February 1, 2022; which is marked with the change of year of the Metal Ox to the year of the Water Tiger.

In 2022, there will be a change of element from Metal to Water (liquid), where the change of element occurs every 2 years. The year 2022 is also known as the year of the Water Tiger, or Black Water Tiger, because in Fengshui, water is considered a symbol of the north direction (black color, or a symbol with a turtle).

The change of the year itself will start from February 1, 2022, and will last until January 21, 2023.

In general, 2022 is still considered a “transitional year”, after 2020 to 2021 the world is still facing the dangers of Covid-19, whose total cases reached hundreds of million people more, and caused millions of deaths.

The transition period is a change for the better. After the mass vaccination, the world began to recover, the wheels of the economy turned, schools opened, and tourism was back on its way. People are also more aware of health. They are grateful, because they have survived through the years of death!

Chinese people believe that, over the years, one’s luck will also change. Either change is for the better, or it could just be worse.

The kind of luck is U FUK (五福), or “Five Fortune”, namely Fu (福, Luck), Lu (禄, reputation), Shou (寿, age), Cai (财, wealth), and Ting (厅, descendant).

For some readers who have become impatient, or who have given up on their unfavorable fate this year, of course, you will begin to ask questions, how will my luck be in 2022? Can it be better?

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A. Chinese Zodiac 2022 : Predictions for the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs in the Year of the Tiger 2022

According to the Chinese calendar (lunar calendar), 2022 is the year of the Tiger (虎, Hu) which has the elements of Water (水, Shui).

Thus, the Chinese people will call this year the year of the Water Tiger, or the year of the Black Tiger. The Lunar New Year 2572 itself starts from February 1, 2022 to January 21, 2023.

Check out the general description of the Shio Prediction in 2022 below about what things are predicted to happen to each person, including money, career, business, love, family, and health.


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1. The Rat Chinese Zodiac 2022

Those with Rat Chinese Zodiac will face 2022 with many transformations. Besides, there will be a lot of joy coming this year.

The business will make a lot of profit in about half of the year. You can save your money, by limiting expenses and tight controls. You may need it later in the year at unexpected expenses.

Avoid changing jobs, or moving to a new workplace. You need stability to maximize your profit this year.

Relationships with partners or family will also be fun and fine in 2022. Meanwhile for those who are single, you can look forward to new relationships. This is also the right time to get married, or have a baby (to be Tiger Zodiac).

But your health won’t be too good this year. Due to the pressure of work, you may often experience stress and indigestion.

Birth year of Rat Zodiac : earth rat 1948, metal rat 1960, water rat 1972, wood rat 1984, fire rat 1996, earth rat 2008.

2.The Ox Chinese Zodiac Predictions for 2022

2022 will still be a threat for the Oxes. They must make quick decisions on challenges they would face. There wouldn’t be a radical change this year, because you are likely to face a lot of feud. Control your anger, and don’t interfere with other people’s business.

The days of business life are full of drama of turmoil and chaos. You have to be patient, and let the confusion subside. Speculations do not have a place this year. Prepare savings for unexpected expenses, because the flow of money is still uncertain.

Even so, it looks like this will be a “year of freedom” for the Oxes, because in 2021 they was included in one of the “Ciong”, where they were in the position of their own birth years (本命 年; běnmìngnián), so their luck would be worse.

Those who are still single will likely find a promising relationship. Meanwhile married couples may face some “hiccups” in their household life. This is natural, since the Ox is known for its stubborn nature. Especially if your pair is a goat or a horse.

This year your health will be at its prime, but it is prone to accidents. Avoid challenging activities, such as hiking, diving, or taking long trips.

Birth year of Ox Zodiac : earth Ox 1949, metal Ox 1961, water Ox 1973, wood Ox 1985,fire Ox 1997, earth Ox 2009.

3. Tiger Chinese Zodiac Forecast 2022 (Ciong)

The Year of the Tiger 2022 will be the “year of Ciong” for the tigers. For this year, it would be a good idea for you to take one step back, while making a plan ahead.

The prospects for careers and businesses are predicted not to go anywhere this year. Your maximum luck is only in the first quarter, the rest are the victories of last year. So, use this year as time to learn, or develop new skills and abilities, so it can support your work later.

Expenses are soaring, and saving may be a difficult thing. For business people, it is necessary to be aware of some of the staff who might damage the business. Due to dissatisfaction, they may be planning something … So, be diplomatic and humble.

Relationships with partners also tend to heat up. Therefore it is important for you to control your anger and avoid unnecessary fights. Singles also need to be careful in committing to their partners.

Health is also predicted not to improve, especially in problems associated with internal diseases, such as diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

According to Chinese Zodiac calendar, the year 2022 is a tiger year. So those whose zodiac are in their own birth year/zodiac positions, will experiencing Ciong 冲 or Ben Ming Nian 本命 年; which literally means “the origin of life”. This is believed would “offend” God Thay Sui 太岁.

Tigers are believed to have bad luck this year. So, instead of trying to open a business or looking for a new job, it’s good to wait up front. Your daily life will also be bothered with useless things.

Birth year of Tiger Zodiac : metal tiger 1950, water tiger 1962, wood tiger 1974, fire tiger 1986, earth tiger 1998, metal tiger 2010.

4. The Rabbit Zodiac Forecast for 2022

Those who have the Rabbit Zodiac will walk the year 2022 brilliantly. Supported by the high luck factor, the career prospects and backbone business are predicted to experience a lot of increase.

Even so, they may be having a difficult time at work, and will face some disagreements about work schedule. Avoid unnecessary expenses and speculative efforts. Investment decisions must be taken carefully.

Rabbits will also have fun times with their loving companions. For young families, this is a suitable time to have/add children.

It is also predicted that your health will not encounter any significant problems. Adopt diet and relaxation if necessary. Travel can be done at the end of the tiger years.

Birth year of Rabbit Zodiac : metal rabbit 1951, water rabbit 1963, wood rabbit 1975, fire rabbit 1987, earth rabbit 1999, metal rabbit 2011.

5. Chinese Zodiac Predictions for the Dragon 2022

The year 2022 will be a very busy year for Dragons. The luck of the Dragons is also predicted to come back. The dark clouds covering your stars are already moving away 🙂

Even so, a career requires more attention and thoroughness. Initially there may still be difficulties (from the years before), but in the end you will have a great year!

If you want to change jobs, or start a new business project, this is the right time, because the year is quite promising. Finance is also predicted to be stable (in a steady pace). Expenditure will not exceed income, as long as you can manage it well, because if you do not, you will be dealing with a financial disaster!

You need to maintain good relationships with everyone in the circle. Reduce ego when dealing with other people. Problems must be resolved with diplomacy and patience.

For those who are still single, look for a pair with a rat, a tiger, or a chicken. They will be very supportive and help cover up your weaknesses. Commit to relationships, who knows you will get married this year 🙂

Meanwhile, for those who are already married, marital life will tend to experience its ups and downs, and it seems as if the fighting continues because of the presence of a 3rd person. Opening dialogues with a partner will make the wedding stay alive.

Health will often be haunted by old relapsing illnesses. The tragedy of the death of one of the family members may disturb family happiness …

Birth year of Dragon Zodiac : metal dragon 1940, water dragon 1952, wood dragon 1964, fire dragon 1976, earth dragon 1988, metal dragon 2000, water dragon 2012.

“Sometimes the dark clouds cover up, sometimes it’s sunny, so the stars are shining brightly.”

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B. When Does the Chinese Year Start?

Lichun 立春 (315 °) February 3 – 5 : Early spring in most of mainland China. Lichun is one of 24 names for the position of the sun in the solar calendar.

Birth year, or Ben Ming Nian 本命 年 is a symbol of the zodiac year, which is determined by the birth year of a person. Since the Chinese prophetic counting system is represented by 12 animals, then every 12 years, a person’s birthmark (sign) will come once (12 year cycle).

A chinese zodiac year will start over since the first day in the current Chinese New Year, and ends on the last day of the current year. For example, the year 2022 is the year of the Tiger, which starts on February 1, 2022, and ends on January 21, 2023.

There is a belief by some Feng Shui experts, that people who are born until H + 15 Chinese New Year, will still inherit some of the previous zodiac traits.

For example, someone who is born on the 3rd day of the Dragon year, will still inherit minor traits from the Rabbit zodiac. Or a person born on the 10th day of the Tiger year, will also inherit the minor traits of the Ox.

Therefore, for readers who were born in January or February, please check the list of zodiac years and the following elements to confirm your chinese zodiac 💡

Check your Chinese Zodiac here : List of Chinese Zodiac, Elements and Their Characteristics

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