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The Chinese New Year 2022 (CNY) is the year of the Water Tiger. The forecast for the 12 animal signs, namely, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig are given briefly below.

This is a continuation of the Complete Chinese Zodiac Predictions for 2022 Series. If you has not read Part 1 and Part 2, please read them first, so you will get better understanding 😀

2022 is also known by the Water Tiger Year, or Black Tigers (Black Water Tiger), because in Fengshui, water is a symbol of the north direction (black color, or associated with turtles). The change to the year of the Tiger itself will start on February 1, 2022.

Reminder for readers who were born in the month of January or February, kindly check the zodiac table, including elements and the nature below to make sure about your chinese zodiac 💡

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11. Dog Horoscope 2022

Dogs in 2022 are likely to fluctuate. The turn of the year doesn’t seem to give much hope for any change.

They will struggle in a work environment. The financial prospects are also not very encouraging. You have to cut expenses and make tightening in order to survive.

Your household life will be flat, and tends to be boring. So, avoid conflicts with your partner.

Birth year of Dog Zodiac : fire dog 1946, earth dog 1958, metal dog 1970, water dog 1982, wood dog 1994, fire dog 2006, earth dog 2018.

12. Chinese Zodiac Predictions for The Pig 2022 (Ciong)

Pig will experience Ciong in 2022. The situation is not going to run smoothly as usual, where you may not be able to control the situation. Be open, lower your targets, don’t experiment too much, and execute your ideas in a classic style.

They also predicted to face several obstacles and failures in business, which can lead to a great financial loss. Be ready for unexpected great expenses. Watch out for your co-worker who might be dangerous.

Your love relationship would also become complicated, and tends to heat up. The single also wouldn’t get a lot of opportunities in establishing a romantic relationship.

On the health side, minor illnesses such as flu and ulcers can come anytime. If you are careless, there is a potential for experiencing a big accident.

However, with strong determination, perseverance, and hard work, you still can change 2022 to be better and fruitful.

Birth year of Pig Zodiac : fire pig 1947, earth pig 1959, metal pig 1971, water pig 1983, wood pig 1995, fire pig 2007, earth pig 2019.

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Conclusion :

If you ask the age of a person, they are likely to tell you about their chinese zodiac, rather than tell their age. They believed that the chinese zodiac would greatly affect their characteristics and their future.

Maybe you are questioning whether it means a million thousands of people born in the same year, will have the same behavior anyway? Although it seems almost impossible, I recognize people with the same zodiac tend to have similar behavior and characteristics.

Chinese zodiac is much more complex than just the 12 zodiac signs. Calculation of Bazi determines not only what years you were born, but also the month, date, and time when you were born, and then combined with elements of five elements, as well as the nature of Yin or Yang.

It would be better if you combine it with other Chinese fortune-telling techniques. So, the results of the predictions will be more specific and accurate.

Until now, the people of China still rely on Chinese Zodiac as a guide in important decision making, such as marriage and career.

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D. What Business would be Good and Promising To Run in 2022?

Zodiac who experienced Ciong was like cards that collapsed in a sequence, such as losing a job, a business that went bankrupt, stopped, or liquidated, as well as the life of their households that became less harmonious.

A Fengshui expert once said, the accuracy of the technique of palm reading is only around 5%. It must be combined with some other techniques to get the BIG OUTLINE of a person’s life path (Gwa Mia, Suan Ming; 算命).

In general, 2022 is still considered as the “year of transition”, after throughout 2020 until 2021 the world still faces the danger of Covid-19, the total cases reached hundreds of millions of people and caused millions of people to die.

The transition period is a change for the better. After the mass vaccination, the world began to recover, the wheels of the economy turned, schools opened, and tourism was back on its way. People are also more aware of health. They are grateful, because they have survived through the years of death.

So when the pandemic is over, this transition year is predicted to still be going for years ahead. As a comparison, The Great Depression that occurred at the end of 1929, has impacted the economy until 6 years later!

But for you whose business is decreased (affected), try to explore new business.

In fact, when there are quite a lot of companies that undergo a survival mode, at least in order to still manage cash flow on this pandemic. For example, Pizza Hut is willing to send its employees to sell directly on the streets in order to catch up the sales turnover.

All people pray, but why only some of them who are wealthy, and some of them aren’t?

This is because their DESTINY CORE is different. It’s a little much related to their past life. For example, ABC’s destiny earns 50 thousand every month. He prayed, then his fate changed . If it multiplies, then every month it becomes 100 thousand.

While XYZ’s income destiny is five thousand every month. He also prayed and changed his fate. If it multiplies, B would only get 10 thousand, two times it would become 15 thousand only. What a difference, right?

From the story above we can conclude, if we’re not praying, the opportunity to change our fate wouldn’t even be there. But sometimes people whose fate has changed didn’t recognize it, so they think there’s no help from God.

But the fact is fate can be changed by Him in circumstances that are not known by the person.

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E. What Chinese Zodiac would be ‘Ciong’ in 2022?

Every year, there are always 4 Chinese zodiac who are Ciong (冲; Chong). According to the calculations of Chinese Zodiac, Ciong means luck is less good in the coming year. Especially for Tigers, 2022 would be their nightmare.

According to Chinese Zodiac calendar, the year 2022 is a tiger year. So those whose zodiac are in their own birth year/zodiac positions, will experiencing Ben Ming Nian 本命 年; which literally means “the origin of life”. This is believed would “offend” God Thay Sui 太岁.

Legends said, Thay Sui is a group of 60 Gods, who control the passage of time. Because of that, God Thai Sui is highly respected by Chinese people. According to historical records, the cult of Thay Sui started from Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368).

For people who believe it, they would tend to adjust the direction where the bed, desk, even all the furniture in order to get away from Tai Shui; by “putting the Tai Sui behind them” (in the opposite direction) in an attempt to make a fortune.

For example, in 2022 (Tigers), Tai Sui will be in the direction of the east sea (60 °). Based on this fact, Tigers will adjust all the furniture in their residence or office to face west southwest (270 °) to “attract luck”.

Even when doing something important, for example in their business, they will tend to avoid the east sea. So for Tigers, try to face west southwest as much as possible to increase your success rate.

“Tiger, Snake, Monkey, and Pig” (Ciong Chinese Zodiac in 2022)

People whose zodiac are Ciong usually will pray to the God Thay Sui. This particular prayer is called the PO UN (保 运; Bao Yun) prayer. The Chinese community itself calls it the “ciong prayer” or “the ritual of rejecting misfortune”.

For God Thay Sui who served in 2022, or Chinese New Year 2573 is named General He E (贺谔大將軍). Here’s a short history of Him :

He E (贺谔) living on Yuan Dynasty (大元; 1271-1368). His real name is He Ben (贺贲). He was born in the district E (鄂县; now the district Yanling, the province of Hunan). He is intelligent and has a high understanding. He faces everything with firmness.

During the war, He E often won because of his many wits. Once in the area of Guanzhong (关中) a lot of victims were lying, He E ordered His army men to bury all the bodies well.

He E also got the confidence from Yuan Shi Zu (元世祖; Kublai Khan), so he was appointed to become the head of the army, where all important regions authorized to He E.

Suddenly, there is a wall collapsed in an area. On the wall that collapsed, He E found 7,000 taels gold, and no one owns that gold. Such a coincidence, Yuan Shi Zu, who went to conquer Yunnan (in Liu Panshan六盘山), was experiencing a shortage of logistics and food.

He E also provides 5,000 taels to help the army (to fund the expedition), so the army doesn’t take money from the people. After His death, He E was awarded the posthumous title of Yong Guo Gong (雍 国 公), Zhen Xian (贞 献).

The Ciong prayer ceremony itself, besides aiming to ask for blessings and fortune, also asks for protection and safety, so that throughout the coming year they will always be protected by Shen Xian神仙 or the Gods.

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So here we go with a short overview of the 12 Chinese zodiac Predictions in Year of the Water Tiger 2022.
May luck be with you!

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